Though getting up and down the stairs without any hassle is something everyone wants,it often becomes the biggest challenge for those facing mobility restrictions.No wonder, the demand for straight stairlifts is gradually enhancing all over West Sussex. When people can move up and down the staircase on their own, they can enjoy easy access to other rooms in the house and use the basic amenities.

In fact, installing a stairlift is considered to be the easiest way to gain full access to the entire house so that you don’t have to live with barriers. Just make sure that company you are approaching for stairlift installation and maintenance is renowned and you can stay assured about your safety.

Why Installing Straight Stairlifts In West Sussex Is More Important Than You Think

  • Safety

The basic purpose served by a stairlift is to mechanically transport you up and down the stairs with utmost safety. There are safety buckles on the chair which you need to fasten before the movement. Few of the lifts even have special safety features which will stop the device if it faces any obstruction while moving. Don’t forget to opt for stairlift maintenance services if you want to ensure that the lift is safe even when used for a prolonged period of time.

  • Easy To Use

With the advancement in technology, stairlift installation has become a lot easier nowadays. There is a toggle on the armrest which let you control the lift. Some of them even come with a remote-control handset so that you can move it from top to bottom or vice versa whenever you need. They have a built-in battery backup system so they charge automatically when kept in the park position. This means you can use them even during the case of a power loss.

  • Freedom

Whether you are a senior citizen or someone with a physical disability, mobility is one of the biggest challenges you have to face every time you need to relocate. The easiest way to ensure freedom of mobility is by installing a staircase. You can freely move around the entire house instead of worrying about any obstacle.

  • Accessibility

Not only do the straight stairlifts in West Sussex let you have easy access from one floor to another but its slim profile let other access the same staircase even when the device is moving. The fold away feature of the footrest and the chair ensure that the device doesn’t become a hindrance for others who might require using the stairs.

  • Customisable

It is mandatory for the staircase installer to customise the rail so that it suits your stairs. Ask them to visit your house and calculate the exact length and angle of the staircase. Customising the rail is a must if you want to ensure safe access on and off the lift. You can enhance its safety by adding a few extra bends and parks.

Since a straight stairlift has so much to offer, it’s time you start looking for a reliable installer in West Sussex.