The global pandemic is forcing more and more people to isolate themselves in their homes. While it doesn’t seem like a big problem for the youth, the older generation is getting, the shorter end of the stick. They are at high risk when infected, which is why they need to be safe. Among the various things you could do for them, a home stairlift installation would be a perfect option. It will ensure that they do not face any difficulty or loss of mobility in a period like this.

How will a stairlift be helpful?

A significant problem faced by the older generation is the loss of mobility. When the situation worsens, many people even have to move to an adaptive social home. Most of these people don’t want to leave their homes and go away from their loved ones; they are forced to. A stairlift is the best way to make your home older adults friendly. A straight staircase stairlift is especially helpful in a time like this because:

  • Falls are responsible for most accidents in a household. Checking all the parts of the house for potential falls will minimize the risk of injury. The stair will become much more accessible if there is a stairlift on it. Going to a hospital in times like these pose a threat to safety. Trying your best to avoid any severe injuries is essential to staying at home.
  • Some older adults prefer appointing a nurse or a caretaker in the house for chores they can’t do. A majority of these chores can’t be done because it includes the use of stairs. Going down to do the laundry or going up to get something from other rooms can get exhausting. In a time when these people can’t come to work, a stairlift will make the chores much easier helping the elderly regain their independence.
  • Frequently going up and down the stairs is harmful to the health of an elderly. Apart from the risk of accidents, it triggers some health issues. It puts a lot of pressure on the joints, which will eventually lead to the joints paining. People with breathing disorders or heart conditions have also reported feeling uneasy after going up the stairs.
  • If a senior is back home after fighting Covid-19 bravely and survived the struggle, then you should be extra cautious about taking care of him or her. There should be limited movement, and they should be kept away from the other members of the family, the pet, and the visitors. Or else the infection might trigger out again. During this limited mobility days, a stairlift will be evidently of great help.

Getting a good quality stairlift is the first step to ensure the safety of the people you love. Adapt Mobility is dedicated to providing you with the best stairlifts suited to your home and needs. The wide variety of products they offer is sure to help you find the ideal stairlift for you without exceeding your budget. This will be your one-stop solution for rental, installation as well as maintenance of stairlifts.