Since staircases are considered to be one of the greatest challenges for senior citizens and people with physical disabilities, the best you can do is to add a stairlift. For someone not aware of the term, it is basically a mechanical device used to lift people up and down the stairs. A majority of them are quite durable and safe and can be fitted according to your convenience. You can customise the travel speed according to your requirement.

Since a stairlift is so important, choosing the right design is a must. Just visit a reliable installer and they will let you choose from a wide variety of designs. Two most common varieties are the straight stairlift and the curved stairlift. A primary benefit of opting for the latter is that you can customise it according to your requirements. This means you can fit the rail according to the shape of the stairs.

4 Common Stairlift Designs In Sussex

  • Seated Stairlifts For Straight Staircases

If you have a straight staircase in your home, place the stairlift in such a way so that it runs along a straight rail fitted on the staircase. You can attach a drop-down or fixed seat according to your convenience, whether a seated stairlift can be fitted with your straight staircase or not is entirely dependent on its width. The installation and stairlift servicing can become a bit tough if the stairs are very narrow.

  • Seated Stairlifts For Curved Staircases

A curved staircase is the one which goes around a corner, just inform the installer that you are looking for curved rail stairlifts in Sussex and they will customise the product to suit your requirements. This stairlift variety is a bit complicated as compared to the straight ones as the curved rails you are installing should fit the exact shape of the staircase. If you have a tight budget, opt for curved stairlift rental and reap numerous benefits.

  • Outdoor Stairlifts

The demand for outdoorstairlifts has enhanced dramatically in the last few yearsas you can easily install it on the exterior part of the stairs leading to thebackyard, garden or the front door. Though they look quite similar to thecurved or straight stairlift installed inside your house, the materials used tomake outdoor stairlifts are weather-resistant. Just opt for stairlift maintenance at fixedintervals and you don’t have to worry about their performance.

  • Standing Stairlifts

If the staircase in your house is too narrow, the staircase installation company might ask you to buy a standing stairlift. They don’t occupy much space as they are not fitted with a seated lift. Let the installer assess the head room of the staircase and they will let you know whether the available height and space are sufficient to fit your entire body when standing. It is not only about the space issue but people with knee problems also opt for standing stairlift.

These being said, it’s time to choose one of the stairlift designs stated above and you can reap numerous benefits.