A stairlift is not just a device to carry someone with walking difficulties but allows one to move freely in their own home with more independence. People with mobility issues just need to sit on the chair attached with the stairlift and they can move up and down the staircase. These mechanical devices are quite flexible and available in a wide variety of designs so that you can choose one which suits your budget and requirements.

Since a stairlift has so much to offer, it is completely your responsibility to service them at fixed intervals for optimal performance. Inspect them minutely and look for warning signs indicating that you need a new stairlift installation. If you are using a battery-operated device, you need to replace the batteries after every 4 to 5 years. If the issue pertains, get it replaced.

3 Warning Signs Indicating That You Need A New Stairlift Installation In Sussex

  • Stopping Suddenly While Going Upstairs

If you are largely dependent on the stairlift in your house, it becomes a nightmare if it stops working suddenly. This generally happens when the device is going upstairs and is treated to be a very common issue. It can also stop working after every few seconds while coming downstairs. Not only do you have to use the joystick repeatedly but reaching your destination also becomes too time-consuming. The best you can do is to opt for stairlift servicing and change the batteries.

  • Running Slowly

If it is taking too long for the stairlift to reach up stairs, it is an indication sign that it is running at a very slow speed.This generally happens when the device is working under pressure. It will first become slow while moving upstairs and downstairs before it stops working completely. This is why you need to get in touch with professionals offering stairlift installation services the moment you notice that the device is running slowly.

  • Constant Beeping

There are generally two reasons why the stairlift in your house can start beeping continuously. Either you have unplugged the charger or it has not been placed properly on the charge point. Such being the situation,get in touch with experienced professionals offering stairlift installation in Sussex and they will let you know whether you need to replace the faulty charger. Make sure that the device is parked properly while you are charging it and try to plug the charger directly into the extension lead if the wall outlet isn’t working.

Avoid Other Issues

Since opting for a new stairlift installation is an investment, make sure you get them serviced at fixed intervals. This will help you avoid the potential issues which can make the stairlift break down completely. Go through the manual minutely and try home remedies if the issue is a minor one. If it is a major issue, opt for a new stairlift installation or get in touch with experts who will let you know whether replacing the batteries will be sufficient.