A majority of the people nowadays prefer using curved stairlifts as the tracks are specially curved to fit the staircase’s shape. There are numerous companies in Sussex offering curved stairlift installation services. Look for someone with years of industry presence. They have experienced professionals who will let you know the various features of each type of track. You can choose the one which suits your needs. If you don’t have a sufficient budget, you can also opt for reconditioned stairlifts.

Need Curved Stairlift Installation in Sussex? Know The 3 Types Available

  • Hollow Tube Rail

Whether the design will feature one or two tube rails are dependent on the manufacturer you have approached. A pipe bender is used to curve the rails so that they can fit the staircase contour. Lifts with a flat rail track is generally more expensive than the one with a tube rail design. This is primarily because a hollow rail track is more flexible and less rigid than its steel counterpart. Their weight capacity is also smaller. If you want to check whether this tube rail variety is suitable or not, approach a company offering curved stairlift rental services and look for this product.

  • Modular Flat Rail

Though modular flat rail is also quite famous, they are not suitable for curved stairlifts. They are not customised but small modular pieces of track are used by the manufacturer. They are assembled on site and fitted on the curved staircase. The product is not a precise fit. The ride will also become a bit bumpy and uneven as the chair travels over numerous modular joints instead of one flat rail. Being made of aluminium, their weight capacity is also quite low. The pitch and speed of the chair are regulated using a mechanism so the person in it might experience varying speed.

  • Custom Flat Rail

The primary benefit of opting for customised stairlift installation in Sussex is that they precisely fit the staircase. The manufacturers customise them by doing some measurements and conducting an evaluation. The strength of the flat rail is always more than tubed rail. The gear rack is also out of sight which makes them safer. Manufacturers generally take 2 to 4 weeks to fabricate them and they have a high weight capacity. People installing them can expect a smoother and precise ride.

Since you are now aware of the various types of curved stairlift installation, it’s time you choose one according to your needs and budget.