Install a stairlift in your house and the seniors can use the stairs in a safe way. They can move from one floor to another using a motorised chair which will prevent the risk of them tripping and falling. Muscles weaken and mobility becomes limited as one grows old. Approach an experienced company offering stairlift installation or rental services and they will install a lift in the stairs which is easy to operate.

The ride is both smooth and comfortable as some lifts are built with extra cushion. Though a stairlift has so much to offer, there are still a few people who have not installed it in their house yet. This is primarily because they still have some queries regarding the lift. Getting those answered is a must so that more and more people can reap the benefits offered by a stairlift installation in Sussex.

Installing A Stairlift In Sussex? The Common Queries Have Been Answered Below

  • “Will It Damage My Carpet?”

If you have not yet installed a stairlift in your house because you think that it will damage the carpet, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The lift has brackets which hold the track and maintains a distance from the floor. You don’t have to lift the carpet to fit the support screws. These screws have a very small diameter and you won’t notice any visible or large hole even after removing them. Just ensure that the floor covering is in a good condition before installing the stairlift so that the stray threads don’t obstruct the track.

  • “Can I Install It On Any Type Of Staircase?”

Visit any experienced company offering stairlift rental in West Sussex and they will let you choose from a wide variety of stairlifts. Some of them are specially designed to fit oddly-shaped stairs. You can either opt for the traditional straight stairlift or the curved one. If you are still not sure whether a stairlift will fit the stairs in your house, talk with the professional offering stairlift installation services in Sussex. They will assess the shape of the stairs and suggest a suitable stairlift model.

  • “Is Installing A Stairlift Too Time-Consuming?”

How long will it take for the professional to install a stairlift in your house is entirely dependent on their experience, the type of stairlift you are opting for, the condition of the stairs and the tools and technology the installer is using. The procedure will be completed quickly within a few hours if it is done by someone experienced. The right professional might even share a few tips with their clients on how to clean, use and maintain the equipment properly. It generally takes 1-2 hours to fit a standard straight stairlift and around 4 hours to install a complicated one.

Since all your queries about stairlift installation have been debunked, it’s time you start looking for a renowned company offering stairlift installation or rental services at a price which suits your budget.