Do you find it harder to get around your home these days? Is your body starting to show signs of life which you have led? Well, for older adults, experiencing the pains and aches of getting out of bed or climbing stairs is common. Mobility issues are one of the major issues for the elderly and can cause psychological and social problems. Installing curved or straight staircase stairlifts is thus essential to reduce mobility issues.

Ageing is an inevitable process which everyone has to go through in his or her life. In the face of aging, flexibility, strength, manoeuvrability and speed tend to decrease with time. And, getting a stairlift installed is one of the best tools for maintaining independence. Installing this mobility device can mean the difference between staying safe and giving up your house completely. Moreover, stairlifts enable the elderly to use their house fully with utmost safety and comfort.

Wondering how to determine if it’s time to install a stairlift? Read on.

4 Signs It’s Time To Install Curved Or Straight Staircase Stairlifts For Mobility Decline In Old Age

  1. Climbing Stairs Takes Long Time 

Climbing up stairs is a moderately simple physical process which is usually done in a single consistent rhythm. A few seconds is all it should take to walk up a flight of stairs. So, if you are taking longer to climb the stairs and taking numerous stop-start movements, consider it as a warning sign.

  • You Feel Drained & Out Of Breath After Climbing Stairs

A slight rise in heart rate when climbing the stairs is natural. This is because; the heart has to work harder for pumping blood into the muscles which power you forward.

But, if you feel drained significantly, dizzy and out of breath after climbing a set of stairs, it indicates over-exertion. It is a sign that your body is struggling with the output required for completing the task. Opting for stairlift installation or seeking professional stairlift servicing is thus significant.

  • You Experience Pain In Joints

Ligaments, cartilage and tendons are springy and flexible bits of tissue which help attach muscles to bones. These also help promote connectivity through bodies. These tissues remain remarkably reactive and hard-wearing in the younger years when one participates in physical activities. And, as one gets older, the ligaments and tendons become less shorten and springy, leading to stiff, achy joints.

  • Problems With Balance

Problems with balance are another major concern. If you have started feeling less able on your feet, staircases can prove to be a fatal hazard. The loss of balance is one of the main reasons why people decide to install a stairlift in their home. Just like shortness of breath and loss of stamina, even balance difficulties can result in serious falls. Be it new stairlifts or reconditioned stairlifts, investing in a mobility device can be a preventative measure to further injury.  

Did you notice any of the signs above? Approach reliable stairlift installers and get started on making your home a safer place.