As with any equipment or tools, it is essential to know how to take proper care of the stairlift in your home. From Stairlift Installation to maintenance, be careful about stairlift. This will help you get the best out of it. This will also lengthen its active life. Here are some useful suggestions and tips on taking care of stairlift. If you can follow the maintenance tips on your own, it is fine. But if you can’t, hiring a professional would be a great decision.

  • Cleaning and Dusting – A stairlift should be cleaned like other parts of the home. Make sure your chosen maintenance contractors deal with the track. The seat of the lift is straightforward to clean easily by following some tips. Indoor lifts should be provided with a quick dusting with a feather duster or a dry cloth. Do it at least once every week. This prevents dust and debris to build up. You can use a slightly damp cloth to clean the seat and the track. This will pick up the dust without letting it move around. But you must dry them up right after cleaning them with a damp cloth. You may use dry cloth as well. Irrespective of who cleans the lift, the cleaning should be done while the lift is at the bottom of the stairs. This way, you can avoid any incidents of falls and trips.

  • Lubrication of the Track – Being an elderly person or a person with joint pain, it would be better to leave the job to a professional. The entire job has to be done along the whole length of the track. The job is quite fiddly. Don’t forget to turn off the lift before carrying about the job to ensure safety. The lift track must be lubricated once every few months. Use a damp cloth to begin the job. Now apply a little amount of lubricant. The cleaning part is essential before lubrication. Otherwise, the black carbon residue and dust may build up on the track. And you can hardly remove them afterwards. Use just a little amount of lubricant. Using too much of it may cause the rollers to slide instead of rolling. Don’t apply the lubricant to the chain.

  • Before Servicing and Lubricating – It is a must to service and lubricate the lift. It is the most important part of stairlift maintenance. Otherwise, the lift won’t run as smooth as required. Take care if there is any abnormal sound coming out from the lift before it is being serviced and lubricated.

  • After Servicing and Lubricating – Now listen to the sound of the lift after servicing and lubrication. You will likely hear a smoother and cleaner sound.

  • Regarding Cleaning Solvents – Don’t use any cleaning solvent, bleach or abrasive cleaner that you use for shower rooms. This may corrode the lift or cause short circuits to delicate components. The roller on the track may lose friction if you use a cleaning solvent. As a result, it may skid. The solvents can also damage the carriage and the chair.

As it comes to maintaining the stairlift at your home, proper cleaning and dusting are important. Lubrication of the track is also essential. Don’t forget to check the sound before and after servicing and lubricating. Don’t use any cleaning solvents.