It is quite likely that there will be stairs within homes. We often ignore the point of making stairs more accessible to elderly and toddlers in the family and the ones who bear some disability to climb up and down the flight of stairs.  The best option for them is by installing stairlifts. There are various options among them for one to choose as per their preferences. There are straight staircase stairlifts, reconditioned stairlifts, and many more.  Here is a comprehensive guide to walking you through the multiple selections and the essential considerations about picking up the right one. Here you will have the answers to all your queries related to stairlifts like who are the ones requiring it the most, the cost factor, mechanism, safety features, and so on.

What is the functionality of a stairlift?

They are precisely the lifting device powered by electricity. They enable people having mobility issues in various forms to climb up and down the stairway. The lifts comprise a platform or only a chair based on the individual requirement of the user. You can take the advice of a reputed stairlift installation company about choosing the right mode.

How does a stairlift work?

The stairlift mechanism is relatively simple. It uses a rail fitted to the stairs in use. A battery-powered motor is used to move the lift along a fixed track.  The battery is charged continually charged automatically. The charging takes place either at the top or bottom of the stairs. It should be ensured that it is always sufficiently charged so that there should not be an instance that it gets cut out halfway while moving along the stair carrying someone. These lifts can be operated at ease. There is a small joystick or toggle on the armrest used to direct the elevator up and down. If two or more people use the lift, then you will be provided with two remotes so that it can be summoned up and down while needed.

Who are the ones requiring the stairlifts the most?

  • An elderly family member having frail health.
  • One who has recently undergone a knee or hip replacement.
  • One who is suffering from Arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis.
  • One who has some disability related to mobility.
  • Toddlers for whom it is not safe to climb stairs often.

Different Types of Stairlifts

  • Curved stairlifts: It is used when the staircase bears one or more turns.
  • Straight stairlifts: The simplest among all choices. It bears straight flight from top to bottom.
  • Perch or standing stairlifts: Perfect options for the users who find it difficult to sit or bend their knees.
  • Reconditioned Stairlifts: These are the second-hand stairlifts available at a lesser price. If chosen well, they can offer the same quality and value as a new one.

How much do stairlifts cost?

The straight staircase lifts are easy to install and can be fitted in 2-3 days of being ordered.   They are less expensive than their curved counterparts.

The curved stairlifts are more expensive as they need to be measured and then made. It takes 5-6 weeks to install them after ordering, and the installation procedure is rather critical.

Safety Feature:

  • The lifts can be deactivated using an on/off switch when not in use.
  • They bear sensors to eliminate potential dangers.
  • They come with seat belts to prevent users from falling off while using the lift.
  • They come with an electrical braking system to ensure a smooth stop if required.
  • The lifts bear footplates to bridge the gap between the top or bottom of the stair and the elevator.

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