The onset of old age brings with it several health issues and challenges. The most frustrating of these issues is reduced mobility. Ageing causes irreversible changes to the body as your agility, strength, and flexibility take a hit. So, if you are considering installing curved rail stairlifts in your residence for better mobility of you and your loved ones, read on.

What is a Stairlift?

Aimed at helping people climb up and down stairs efficiently, a stairlift is a device that carries people while ascending or descending stairs. This mechanical device can be installed easily by professionals. It is an excellent alternative to the painful task of climbing stairs at an old age. Not only does it alleviate the physical strain, but it also prevents the risk of fatal falls. Let us look at three indications that you might need to install a stairlift in your house:

It is taking you a long time to climb stairs

Usually, a healthy individual can climb stairs within a few seconds, depending upon the number of stairs. So, if it takes you a long time to climb stairs, it might be an issue to look out for. The act of climbing involves several muscles, such as:

  • Glutes
  • Hip flexors
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • The Soleus et cetera

Age weakens these muscles, reducing mobility. Further, stopping at every stair to catch our breath or need assistance while climbing staircases are indicative that you need a stairlift.

Climbing stairs is causing you physical discomfort

With progressing age, the various ligaments, tendons, and cartilage in your body become less flexible. These lead to ache in our joints that can get triggered while climbing stairs. Chronic age-related conditions such as tendonitis and arthritis can also cause considerable joint aches when you are going up or down the stairs. 

Added physical discomfort such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and light-headedness while climbing a staircase can also be extremely frustrating. These problems can be effectively be dealt with using professional stairlift installation services in Sussex.

You are suffering from balance issues

People over the age of 60 years are very likely to face severe balance issues. Availing of stairs while balancing yourself precariously on a walking stick is not a very safe option. Along with other age-related problems such as the tendency to feel tired quickly, balance issues can be hazardous for aged people. It can lead to fatal falls and serious injuries. Further, it is difficult for the muscles, tissues, and bones to heal quickly for older adults. Hence, a stairwell can help you avoid such dangers.

So, it is essential to strictly monitor the health conditions of you and your loved ones to select the right time for stairlift installation. It is advisable to hire the services of reputed stairlift maintenance companies for installing the mechanical stairlift set-up in your home. Thus, a stairlift can be the perfect helping tool for bringing comfort and normalcy into your old age.